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College Republicans, Impeachment

I have to be a little careful about writing this — I’ve been asked to leave out most specifics. This is for legal reasons. I don’t know how important it is that I not mention some things, but I’ll fill in the details later.

I got a call today from someone I know in New Mexico. He has a friend who is (or rather, was) an office-holder for the College Republicans at an educational institution. She was one of three hispanic members.

She had been having two major disagreements with various other members. The first of these disagreements concerned their desire to endorse the so-called “Minutemen” — groups of citizens who attempt to defend the US-Mexican border from illegal immigrants. In short, my understanding is that she felt these “Minutemen” were too extreme and controversial. She at the very least disagreed with their methods.

Her second objection was to the College Republicans’ plans to publish the names, phone numbers and home addresses of professors they deemed to have liberal agendas.

This second disagreement was the last straw, and she offered her resignation. They claimed they didn’t want her to resign, so she agreed to continue in her office but not participate in further meetings.

Then they asked her to attend one meeting, and she agreed.

The topic of the minutemen came up during the meeting, and an argument ensued. The president of the group then started questioning her legitimacy as a U.S. citizen.

Her grandparents immigrated here, or at least 2 or 3 did — at least one was born a U.S. citizen. Her parents were born here. Her father served in the U.S. military, and one relative was a policeman.

She was born here as well, and is a citizen.

The president then moved for an immediate vote to impeach her. It passed. When another member (who was also hispanic) objected, they immediately voted and impeached her as well. Finally, the president called for a vote to impeach a third member, also hispanic, who was not even present. It also passed.

I’ve also been told that the president of the group called up the state-wide group (with which she also holds a position) and asked for them to impeach her as well, though they apparently wisely turned down his request.

The whole thing is crazy.

3 Responses to “College Republicans, Impeachment”

  1. Erin Says:

    That’s really, really scary. Seriously scary. And crazy.

  2. Citizen Says:

    That’s insane. I can’t believe they were suggesting things like publishing the personal information of college professors. Granted, such info is usually not hidden, but doing so in the manner suggested implies nefarious reasoning behind it. Then to impeach her for objecting to something which very well may have been illegal?

    Sheesh…and they call liberals shrill.

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