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More College Republican Politics

Ok, I wrote about this before, and promised an update. There’s nothing new that I can say much about, but I can point to a blog entry by the person at the center of this.

She brings up some other crappy things these people did.

There’s a lot more going on… Jason (who is closely involved with the situation) and I might be discussing it soon on Wrestle that Shark.

2 Responses to “More College Republican Politics”

  1. Citizen Says:

    What kind of a teaser is that? New stuff, man, we want new stuff!

  2. Joe Says:

    Soon, coming soon. I think Jason might write about it in a few days (he’s got some interesting things to say), and like I said, we’ll probably discuss it in the next wrestle that shark. I don’t have much to add that Jason can’t say better at this point. He has managed to bring some attention to it down there, and I think that’s what he’ll talk about.

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