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New Flapping Crane Design

Ok, so the new Flapping Crane site is up. Hopefully it’s at least useable in most browsers. I’ve tested it in Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE. There’s a small problem with IE, but I’m not too concerned with it yet.

I’ve given up on IE/Mac and older Netscape browsers. No point if I want to be close to valid. I actually cranked up old Netscape 4.77 and had a look at the new crane page, along with some other sites I like to visit. They all looked terrible. So I’m not worried. If anyone’s still using that browser… well… flapping crane will look pretty much like most pages. That is, like crap.

It’d be valid if I could get rid of the <embed> tag and some of the strange parameters that may be required in the <object> tag. I haven’t had a chance to check it. Mostly because I don’t have good access to a windows box. Well, not from one that I can edit the XHTML from.

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