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Wrestle that Shark #4

Oh, and WTS #4 is out. Yay.

That’s all for today. I’m beat.

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  1. anonamoose Says:

    it seems necessary that science is pragmatic by jason’s defination due to the simple fact of the scientific method. Science, at least as the methodology implies, is not seeking to find truth, because it cannot. it, by method, must only find out what is not the case. science cannot prove a theory true, rather it can only disprove it. so im not sure science can be on the the look out for truth though it does seem like science today is searching for truth or at least trying to get as close to the truth as possible.

    also, just as a sidebar, most contemporary pragmatists do not accept relativism. their stance is more of a ‘we cant sufficiently deal with relativism so we’ll push it aside’. as far as i understand it they avoid the relativistic problem by qualifying the usefullness of x theory, statement, etc.

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