It's Pronounced "Pah-vert." You povert.


I keep this blog because it amuses me. Mostly to keep up with friends and all that. I also tend to announce new Flapping Crane skits here.

I moved to the Twin Cities in early 2004. Before that, I lived in Las Cruces, NM for about 10 years.

As to the name of this blog, it’s an old joke that I’ve mostly forgot. Basically, a povert would be one in poverty. And it sounds like pervert. I was a philosophy student, so I basically was a povert. These days, I’m still a povert, if only in spirit.

Also, Povert was the name of an old video project I did with some friends back in the day.

Anyway, this whole site is probably of interest only to people who know me, and even then it’s of questionable value. But if you read this far you’re probably not merely an acquaintance of mine, but likely a stalker. And I’m flattered.

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